Demo Songs

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@The sound files are encoded in RealAudio 3.0 with streaming format.

(Words by Sarah & Akira, Music by D.U.B.)

This song features Sarah Collins, female american singer living in Japan.
Her voice was recorded in Akira's studio. She has a beatiful voice and a great talent.
You can feel the elements of free jazz from the sounds.


Bust A Move
(Music by D.U.B.)

We made this song for a Sony Playstation 2 game "Dance Summit 2001" .
This file is a back track version. In the game, a vocal version is used. Vocalist is Kendi Ootuki,famous male singer in Japan.

gDance Summit 2001h

Game Soft for Sony PlayStation2

D.U.B.gBust A Movehincluded

further info : ENIX Web

released in 11/2/2000

gDance Summit 2001h(AMCN-4509)

Original Soundtrack

D.U.B.gBust A Movehincluded

released in 11/22/2000
(Japan Only from east west japan)

Run So Deep
(Music by D.U.B.)

This song features 909 kicks and piano refrein.
We used KORG 01/W, 03R/W, SG-Rack, Roland MC-303, BassStation, and S-760 sampler.
This song is included in the compilation CD gTrace,Quest and Feelh from Leyline Experiment.


gTrace, Quest and Feelh

LeyLine Experiment Compilation CD

D.U.B.gRun So Deephincluded

You can online order in LeyLine Experiment Web Site

released in 12/26/2000

(Music by H.Ito)

We made this song for SHIFT TECHNO compilation CD (it will be released soon).
Hideaki played overdrived organ and synth bass. Akira added E.bass with distorsion and wah.
Aggressive beats and avant-garde theme.

a piece of the season
(Music by D.U.B.)

Slow and groovy dub track, made with Hard Disk Recording (Cubase VST).
This file is a short version.
This song is included in the compilation CDgMultiple Layerhform Leyline Experiment.

gMultiple Layerh(LLE-9904-002)

LeyLine Experiment Compilation CD

D.U.B.ga piece of the seasonhincluded

You can online order in SHIFT TECHNO

released in 4/18/1999

Give Me Crazy Dub Thing
(Beats & Samples by A.Motoyanagi)

D.U.B. got Grand Prix in gGROOVE TRACKShcontest with this song.
Made with Cubase and ReCycle. Drum tracks are sliced with Recycle, and reconstructed to new pattarns. Main theme is a sample of bass play in live (with overdrive).



Compilation CD

D.U.B.gGive Me Crazy Dub Thinghincluded

released in 1/27/1999
(Japan Only from TOSHIBA EMI)

Sonic States
(Beats & Samples by A.Motoyanagi)

We have intended to make breakbeats techno like The Chemical Brothers, but very ethnic sounds are added unconsciously. We used Tibetan Buddhist's sound samples.
This file is a short version.@

Clockwork Dub
(Music by H.Ito)

Hideaki composed this song, and Akira added rhythm tracks. Dub mixed by Akira.
The melody of piano is very beautiful.


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D.U.B. made demo CD " D.U.B. featuring Sarah Collins".

This is the collaboration with an american vocalist,Sarah Collins.

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